How to clean the contact lenses

Reusable contact lenses should be always cleaned, disinfected and kept according to the instructions on the package of the lens solution. Actually, contact lens care is easier than ever. Wash your hands so that you don’t transfer dirt and germs to your eye. After taking off the lens it is recommended that you rub both sides of the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution. Rinse the lens again to remove the loosened debris, making sure to take as long as the package directs: Rinsing is an important step. Place the lens in your lens case and fill it with fresh solution.

Most importantly, clean and disinfect your lens case. Be sure to rinse the lens case after evert contact lenses application and leave it open until dry. Throw out your contact lens case according to the producer’s instruction, to reduce your risk of infection.

Below you can find video showing how to clean the contact lenses:

Daily disposables are contact lenses that are worn for a day and then thrown away. Never use daily disposables again! You should never clean or disinfect them. Using daily disposables more than once can lead to disastrous consequences. The contact lenses might be damaged, what will put the wearer in danger of eye infections and other health problems.