The meaning of optical center

znaczenie_serwisuOptics, optometry and ophthalmology are advanced and specialized fields of knowledge concerned with the most important of the senses – vision. The visit in Chojnowski Optician’s will result in finding best glasses or contact lenses for your eye defect and lifestyle. It will be just the top of the iceberg. Underneath the surface there are many years of experience and the specialist knowledge of ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians, who care about your safety and exact vision. Unfortunately eye defects can progress. Not only new eye diseases can emerge, but also other health problems can be discovered during an eye examination. Therefore, regular control visits in the eye center are of enormous impact, especially if you are a contact lens wearer.

Contact lenses are safe for your eyes only, if they were individually selected for you by a qualified specialist and you follow his or her recommendation. Being under the supervision of a specialist means, regular control visits and immediate contact in the case of emergency with your eyes or sight, e.g. if you can’t see clearly, feel something is not right, your eyes burn while wearing contact lenses or your eyes look different (red). Early access to treatment is the key to eliminate the causes of the problem e.g. by choosing different contact lenses (e.g. for lenses that are removed and discarded daily), changing the method of contact lens care (e.g. no lens rubbing while cleaning them in the evening, poor contact lens hygiene) or makeup tips for contact lens wearers (e.g. wrong order of applying and removing your makeup and lenses).

Ophthalmic optics is subject to continued innovations. Spectacle lenses, frames and contact lenses are being continuously improved and developed. Every control visit is for the patient an important source of information about innovations in the field of vision correction e.g. about new surfaced spectacle lenses or about new generation of safe and more comfortable contact lenses.

In case of any emergency with your glasses or contact lenses, bought in our optical store, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately! We will be happy to help!

Buying contact lenses in our optical store or online through our website, in case of any problems you are on our doctors’ assistance, who are always on hand to help you. Unfortunately, we can’t take the responsibility for the problem if you don’t follow the specialist’s recommendation, don’t come for regular check-ups or buy contact lenses from unreliable source.