How to apply and remove the contact lenses


  • You can only use a new contact lens after checking, if it’s wholly immersed in the solution, in a package tightly sealed with foil.
  • Before you touch the lens, make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • You mustn’t reuse anyone else’s lenses!

Applying the lenses

Before you put the lens in your eye, thoroughly rinse each side of the lens with multi-purpose solution and have a good look at it. Make sure the edges are curved correctly. If the lens has a lip, it is probably inside out. Put the lens on your index finger and using the middle finger pull the lower lid down. Using the index finger of the other hand pull your upper eyelid up. Place the lens gently over the iris.

Removing the lenses

Place your index finger and the thumb on opposing sides of the contact lens, look up and slide the lens down onto the white of the eye. Pinch the lens gently off the eye. Do exactly the same with the second eye.

This video is designed to review the techniques for correct applying and removing your contact lenses.