Safe contact lens wear


Contact lenses are medical products with direct contact with eye tissues, so every user should follow the detailed safety procedures. These include: using contact lenses only after professional indication of a specialist, complying with safety and requirements of the specialist and producer (appropriate hygiene and adhere to intervals specified by the producer) and buying your contact lenses, where their originality and expiry date are trustworthy.

What kind of contact lenses is the safest?

According to the specialists the safest and the best for your eyes are the contact lenses, that have two common features: short wearing time and the best material quality.

Short contact lenses wear

  • Daily disposable contact lenses are considered to be the safest, after that come the lenses which are re-used but always removed before sleep: two weekly or monthly; longer wearing of the soft contact lenses isn’t recommended.
  • The shorter you can wear a pair of contact lenses, the more expensive it gets. At the beginning of your experience with contact lenses we suggest you to choose the ones with short intervals (e.g. occasional daily disposables wearing so you could find out if they are right for you), and then decide what kind of contact lenses you can afford.

The best attributes of the lenses material

  • Guaranteeing the permissibility of sufficient oxygen to the eye – silicone hydrogel contact lenses, which do not create a barrier to the import of oxygen (older hydrogel lenses didn’t enable the eye to “breathe”)
  • Maximum moisture absorption gives you the best comfort and vision all day long
  • Other circumstances taken in consideration by the specialist, who helps the patient individually by choosing the best contact lenses.

Only the stringency in following the specialist’s recommendations about cleaning the contact lenses, wearing rules and lens exchange can ensure the many years of satisfaction and eye-safe usage.

UltraFlex™ Contact Lenses

We would like to recommend to you UltraFlex™ Contact Lenses manufactured by CooperVision are made of a unique material that attracts and locks water. UltraFlex™ Contact Lenses provide excellent visual acuity and lasting comfort, without using any other moisturizers. UltraFlex™ Contact Lenses enable your eyes to “breathe” by allowing more oxygen to the cornea. Your eyes look naturally and healthy.